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This is a safe place for GWU students, or anyone, in need of a place to share their thoughts and worries. This is for those who suffer from suicidal thoughts, depression, self-harm, eating disorders, anxiety disorders, addiction and anything in between. This is a site for those seeking advice, seeking to help others, and seeking answers. Please do not refer to this page alone, there are professional services that can get you the help you may need to live a happy, healthy life. Resources can be found in the navigation provided here. Together, we can make it through.

Submit questions, advice, or thoughts in our ask box and we will respond to you. We will tag triggers for the safety of all visitors.

If you need someone to talk to, we are here, and our ask box is open. We cannot offer anything more than our thoughts, our experiences, and our love, so if you need more support, we can help you find the right counseling or psychiatry center. This is for students to contact other students and support each other through an anonymous medium. This is not an officially GWU sponsored website, but is available for its students, as well as any one else.

How to Recognise a Toxic Friend →


1. Is this a person who always puts you down? A friend is someone who accepts you as you are – and allows you to be different, and to think for yourself, and to make your own decisions – without an explanation. However, if a person is demeaning or always puts you down, criticises your opinions, or…

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Just so you know guys

To Write Love On Her Arms (GWU Chapter) is going to be walking the Out of The Darkness Walk tomorrow at 5.30pm (Meet at 4.45 at Thurston) to the Washington Monument.

Their first General Body Meeting will be at 6 this Sunday, updates will follow as to location.


GWU Mod Team

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How to Be More Productive and Accountable

This video is part of my new study series. In the video, I explain to you how I use my work progress journal and show you how I fill it out. Highly recommended! It’s a great technique to help with procrastination, along with scheduling what you need to do. My previous post on it is here.

Also, sorry it’s vertical. I used my iPad to record this one. My bad!

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